About us

Nolan Jackson Insurance was established in July 1998 and today includes eight experienced account representatives who serve our churches and related ministries throughout the United States. All of them have been with our agency for more than 5 years and have close ties to their communities and the ministries they serve. They provide prompt and courteous service to approximately 1,000 churches, schools, camps, denomination offices, and non-profit organizations all across the USA. Because they work daily with a wide range of ministries having a wide variety of needs, our customer service professionals understand ministries large and small. Our team strives to provide the highest level of service to our customers. The work we do helps ministries like yours focus on the work you have been called to do. We like to think that our continued growth is evidence of our professionalism, knowledge of the insurance industry, and most importantly, our understanding of the unique needs of the ministries we serve. We pay attention to the details, so our clients don’t have to. Give us a call today so we can begin serving you and all your insurance needs.

What we offer

Our agency works with insurance providers who offer coverages created specifically to serve the needs of churches and non-profit organizations.

We’ll create insurance solutions that cover things like the following:

Protecting your property and making sure they have the adequate coverage in the event of a total loss

We make sure to include the professional liabilities associated with your staff. Examples would be pastoral counseling, sexual misconduct for your children and teenagers, and Directors & Officers coverage for the leadership team of the church.

Defending your belief-based decisions on controversial subjects that our society is wrestling with.

Preventing accidents involving vehicles operated on behalf of the ministry, both those owned by the church and those not owned by the church.

We also understand the financial pressure churches face and we’ll work hard to develop a plan that fits your needs, and your budget.

Give us a call today to start that process.

Nolan Jackson

Nolan Jackson has been serving the Lord through protecting places of worship, the servants who work there, and the people who worship there since July, 1998.