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Protect everything on the inside and out from natural disasters, accidents, vandalism, and weather.


Liability coverage protects against lawsuits and claims brought against the organization, directors and officers in areas of religious freedom, sexual misconduct, employment practices, and more.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation covers medical expenses for work-related injuries and provides compensation to the employee while they are off from work recovering. It will also pay benefits if an employee dies as a result of injuries sustained due to work-related activities.

commercial auto

Automobile insurance protects against the damage or loss of vehicles used in connection with ministry-related activities. It also provides medical expense coverage for injuries sustained in the church-owned or rented vehicle when driven by a staff person or volunteer.


Protecting the place that matters most

Your house of worship is a holy place, but it is not immune from the damages of fire, accident, vandalism, weather and personal liability. Minor accidents can be costly and can literally threaten your church’s existence.


Defending your belief-based decisions on controversial subjects that our society is wrestling with.

Protecting Your Property

Protecting your property and making sure they have the adequate coverage in the event of a total loss.

tailored to fit your needs

We also understand the financial pressure churches face and we’ll work hard to develop a plan that fits your needs, and your budget.

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What Our Clients Say

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“I want to say thank you to Jackson Insurance for the many years of service. They have been there for me through many life changes and I have trusted them to make sure my family is protected. They have treated me like family and have taken care of all my insurance needs. Thank you again, I look forward to many more years with you.”

Michael W.

Loganville, GA

“I have been an emergency medicine physician for 25 years, living in the Atlanta suburbs for 6 years now. Needless to say, I have an eye for detail and a HUGE respect for those professionals with similar attributes. On our initial encounter, Nolan impressed me with his professionalism and persistence. Most importantly, however, was his knowledge base and obvious competence. I have dealt with many insurance companies over the years, and equally as many agents. By far, Nolan Jackson truly represents the select few, in my humble opinion, who truly have their clients best interest at the forefront of their business model. I can recommend him without reservation; you will not be disappointed!”

Dr. Mike

Canton, GA

“Over the years, our church has received wise counsel and excellent service from Nolan. I appreciate how prompt he is in responding even to the least of my concerns. His extensive knowledge of his field, commitment to giving his all, and passion for serving people are among his greatest assets! He is undoubtedly a good friend and my favorite service provider.”

Cal H.

Smyrna, GA

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Insurance may seem unnecessary or overwhelming. It is neither. Let us help you protect your place of worship and offer peace of mind knowing that your place of worship and the people who work or gather there are protected.